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noviembre 26, 2023by Mónica Chacín


I put on my Leprechaun hat today to go out and look for gold and after finding it, I thought I might write this complete guide so that you can find out how to find gold in Ireland too.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking for information about where to find gold in the Emerald Isle, this post will blow your mind, giving resources and a new insight into the real meaning of «finding the gold”.

Are you curious?

I invite you to read on!


What are leprechauns?


Leprechauns are creatures from Irish folklore and mythology. They are little men with pointy shoes who dress in red or green, living in the woods, fixing shoes and hoarding gold in hidden pots whose location is known only to them.

In the mysterious world of the leprechauns, their gold is said to reflect our passions and achievements. The belief is that every effort and dedication transforms into gleaming coins, which they guard possessively. This belief teaches us that gold is not only a precious metal but also a symbol of our dreams and determination.

In our everyday lives as business people and entrepreneurs, we can discover gold by pursuing our passions and doing what we love.


How to find gold in Ireland or any other country as an entrepreneur or business owner?


Being a business owner or entrepreneur is a wonderful journey which I like to compare to sailing, because we are rowing while the waves take us to a destination.

Since September, the waves have brought me to Ireland, a wonderful island with beautiful landscapes filled with green colours that you will fall in love with.

The Irish Sea is also impressive. Some people say that its waters are much colder than other seas, and it is true, that makes it even more special.

The kindness of the Irish people is another treasure.

There is also a beautiful variety of fauna and stunning birds, such as the puffin birds or seagulls with which I have felt a strong connection because they remind me that being an entrepreneur is also about flying from one place to another to find what we want.


So, to find the gold you just must

  1. Do your best (no more no less, according to one of the ‘Four Toltec Wisdom Agreements’).
  2. Be consistent and don’t give up on the first unsuccessful attempt.
  3. Put on your Leprechaun hat to find your gold and guide others to find theirs too, because sharing is one of the keys of abundance.
  4. Appreciate, honour and love what you do.
  5. Be clear about why you want to find gold in Ireland or wherever you are, what is the value you want to bring to the world when you find it? When you know this, it will be easier to define your own value proposition, so tell your clients what you can do for them and how you can help them.
  6. Attend business events, conferences, B2B networking events such as those organised by, Local Enterprise Office and Startup Network Europe and make yourself known, show what your skills are and what value you can bring to your customers.

Bronagh Cotter founder with Monica Chacin SEO copywriter at Biz Expo
Bronagh Cotter founder with Monica Chacin SEO copywriter at Biz Expo


Monica Chacin SEO copywriter con Lissette Gonzalez Gasada Events at Local Enterprise Office's event
Monica Chacin SEO copywriter con Lissette Gonzalez Gasada Events at Local Enterprise Office’s event

A startup network europe event in Dublin
Mónica Chacin SEO copywriter with Adam Fulham Founder Startup Network Europe in Dublin


Everyone can find Gold in Ireland


Every person has a unique treasure, something special to offer to the world. Your passion, your knowledge and your dedication are your tools to unearth that hidden treasure.

Sharing your treasures is one of the keys to finding more gold along the way.

Your treasures are your strengths and also those weaknesses that you can transform into wonderful opportunities to move forward.

Share your experiences and learning with others. When we help others find their treasures, we multiply the wealth in our lives and in the community around us.


Why pan for gold in Ireland?


Ireland is an amazing island and a paradise with a rich and interesting culture. Celts, with their mystique and ancient wisdom, have left an indelible mark on this land.

Vikings, brave seafarers, have also contributed to Ireland’s rich history, fusing their traditions with those of the Celts.

This fusion of cultures has created a land full of fascinating stories and intriguing legends. There is a piece of history and treasure waiting to be discovered in every corner of Ireland.

Monica Chacin SEO copywriter at Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Monica Chacin SEO copywriter at Trinity College Dublin Ireland


So how can you know that you have found gold?


By meeting wonderful people who have also struck gold and guide you to find yours.

You will also know you have found the gold when you realise that true wealth is not measured in gold coins, but in the meaningful connections you make on your journey.

When you find dedicated people who share your vision, you have found something more valuable than any material treasure, as has happened to me during my visits to the Emerald Isle (I visited Ireland for the first time in April 2023).

On my first trip to Ireland, it was love at first sight for many reasons, for every landscape discovered, for every serendipity and for the kindness of the Irish people who made me feel at home.

This second trip has been full of learning and has been about consolidating new projects and goals that are just beginning, it has been about sowing a seed and marking the route that continues to lead me to discover new dreams and serendipities. Special thanks to Beatriz, Spain U partner for guiding me with their services for Spaniards in Ireland.

So, I can only tell you that you will know you have struck gold when you wake up every morning and the first word you think and repeat is: thank you.

Let’s be thankful for the opportunities that await us, for the lessons we learn, for the amazing people who come into our lives and also for those who are no longer part of our path.


The multiplier effect of sharing your treasures


In life’s journey, finding and sharing your treasure is a kind of voyage that will transform your world and people’s world around you.

Think of each day as an opportunity to unearth your deepest passions and turn them into tangible treasures.

And remember, the gold you seek is a manifestation of your dedication, effort and love for what you do.

Finding your gold can be a challenging journey at times. There will be obstacles and moments of uncertainty, but remember, even on cloudy days, the sun still shines behind the clouds.

Stay focused, keep searching with a kid’s clear-eyed curiosity and never underestimate your power.

When you find your treasure, share it with the world so that you can discover its multiplying effect!

Also, remember to be brave like a Celtic explorer and perseverant like a Viking navigator, because your treasure-hunting journey will be a testimony of your determination, gratitude, and love and will leave an everlasting footprint on the world.

So what do you think? Shall we voyage together to find the gold?

P.S. If after reading the guide you find the gold, please let me know in the comments and share the post with others so they can find their gold as well.

how to be a real leprechaun to find gold in ireland

leprechaun gold in ireland


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